Action Alert: Take Action - Protect the Drinking Water in Southern Nevada

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Take Action - Protect the Drinking Water in Southern Nevada

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Some in Congress want to allow Uranium Mining near the Colorado River


Despite widespread support for a moratorium on uranium mining near the Grand Canyon, some in Arizona's Congressional delegation support opening the Arizona Strip. Of course, most of the consequences are paid by us in Nevada.

The uranium mining industry, which has a terrible record in the West for polluting water sources with all kinds of radioactive and toxic waste, wants to set up shop on the Arizona Strip about 90 minutes northeast of Las Vegas.

This mining would not only impact our drinking water, but it has the potential to destroy the land near the Grand Canyon. How many tourists want to see mine tailings on their way to a national monument?

Nevadans need our Senators to protect our health and economic vitality. Tell Senators Heller and Reid that you oppose uranium mining near our sources of drinking water.

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Support the Moratorium on Uranium Mining in the Arizona Strip

Dear Senator Heller,

Please protect the drinking water in southern Nevada by supporting a long-term moratorium on uranium mining near the Grand Canyon and Colorado River.

Uranium mining can pollute water sources for decades and will permanently damage land near one of our nation's most treasured landmarks.

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